Qair 500 is a elegantly designed air purifier for a large bedroom or living room, it effectively purifies area of 500 sft


Why Qair 500

  • Designed for ease of operation & mobility
  • Equipped with air quality sensor & indicator showing the quality of air
  • Auto mode which selects the best settings according to the air quality of the room
  • Highest CADR in its standard of 225 M3/H
  • 3 stage air flow control
  • Ionizer function revitalizes the air making the air fresher and healthier
  • Child Lock feature for added safety
  • Sleep mode

What Makes Qair 500
the ideal choice for your bedroom

Air quality indication

Keeps you protected always by keeping a check on the quality of air indoors

3 Stage air flow

Helps you adjust the speed based on need

Auto Mode

Selected the best setting according to the air quality of the room giving you peace of mind


Keeps you healthy and fresh always

Large Filtration area

Larger filtration area increases the life of Filters by reducing the air pressure on them

Power Saving

Very low power consumption thanks to the auto mode which optimizes the air flow as required

Different harmful indoor pollutants

Your complete home is vulnerable to the threat of indoor air pollutants

  • Bacteria & VirusBacteria and Viruses can spread through coughing, sneezing, raising of dust and cause airborne diseases
  • Kitchen SmokeCan trigger eye and throat irritation and compound respiratory disorders
  • Pet hairs & DanderPets' dead skin flakes, urine, faeces, saliva, hair can trigger asthma & allergy.
  • PollenEnters the home from flowers and plants, triggers seasonal allergic rhinitis.
  • Cigarette SmokeThe chemicals in the products linger in the air and cause irritation to eye, skin and throat.
  • Poor VentilationCauses a buildup of indoor air pollutants in your home.

Teknix Qair purifiers

Teknix innovative range of air purifiers comes with unique Hexasheild technology, which comes with a 6 stage filtration system giving you 99.98% clean, healthy & fresh air.

Captures large household dirt such as hair, larger pollen & larger dust particles , enhances the durability of the other advanced purification filters
Removes up to 99.98% of airborne pollutant particles such as dust mites, smoke, allergens & pet dander. It filters particles upto 0.3 microns that’s 8 times smaller then the PM2.5
Strong absorption layer which has the ability to absorobtion larger molecules which inturn increases the lifespan of activated carbon filter.
Traps chemicals, Volatile organic compounds, odours, Formaldehyde, Viruses & allergens & harmful gases
Oxidises & breaksdown compounds and substances such as benzene, ammonia & TVOC etc.
Naturilizes the air & elimates airborne allergens & germs. Makes you feel fresh & energetic
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