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India is amongst the most highly polluted countries in the world. As per a recent WHO report, 13 of the top 20 polluted cities in the world are in India. Add to this fact, the indoor air pollution is up to 10 times** worse than outdoor air pollution. There are many factors that contribute to indoor air pollution.
  • Pollution emitted from carpets and fabric based items such as sofas etc.
  • Four usage of cleaning agents such as Floor cleaners (Phenyl), Glass cleaner, Wood cleaners etc.

Broadly, there are 2 kinds of pollutants inside home
  • PM10 size which is the normal dust, hair, dander etc. that we can see through naked eye
  • The most dangerous particle is in the form of PM2.5 (2.5 micron in size). This is the particle which is responsible for short term effects in the form of running nose, skin allergies, restlessness and migraine like headaches and long term effects in terms of diseases, reduced stamina and general unhealthy effects, high concentration of harmful gases (again released by all the above) and external air - Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogenous and Sulphur oxide gases etc. The effects of all these gases are proven to be extremely detrimental to health.
The principle function of Qair purifier is to purify the air inside your home or office, the air purifier removes pollutants such as PM10, PM2.5, Pet danders, Allergens, VOC, Bacetria & other harmful gases.

The Qair purifier comes with a HEXAshield technology which is a 6 stage air purification system which cleans the air thoroughly giving 99.98% pure healthy air and in addition it also provides negative ions in the air which makes the environment fresh.
Air conditoners are manufactured to suck the air from the room, dehumidify , cool & send the air back into the same room. It does not remove pollutants from the room it has been installed in. Air conditioners are used seasonally and the power consumption is extremely high and air purifiers are desigfned to use throught the year and consumes very less power.
Teknix Qair purifier can be placed anywhere in the bedroom or the living room or office space , it is recommended that you place it in an open area free from obstacles also in a way that it doesn’t hinder the movement of air inside the room.
Yes, Teknix Qair is designed to remove odour , odour & smell are generated by Volatile organic compounds, and qair purifier comes with Activated Charcoal which absorbs all the VOC’s
Yes, you can keep the doors & windows open but with polluted air circulating from outside at the same time, the efficiency of the air purifier would be reduced. We recommend to use the air purifiers with closed windows as far as possible.

Qair 300

Qair 300 is a advanced air purifier which is perfectly suitable for a 300 sft bedroom or a small living room


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Qair 500

Qair 500 effectively gives a superior performance in mid sized living rooms & large bedrooms upto 500 sft


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Qair 800

Qair 800 is a right choice for a large living room or office space, giving you a cleaner, fresher & healthier air for rooms upto 800 sft.


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